Welcome to my blog!

But I’m not really a blogger.

I write about my (mis)adventures living in Italy but I wouldn’t say I’m a typical blogger.

I overshare, I ramble, I’m not good about promoting my work nor do I really care to present a false representation of my life. When I’m in “hot mess” mode, I don’t hide it. (By the way, I’m currently in “hot mess” mode.) Also, sometimes I swear. Most times I swear.

I guess that makes me a storyteller. 

Sometimes good things happen to me and I share those experiences. Sometimes bad things happen and I vent about those challenges. 

This is just my life. Who I am. 

I’m still trying to figure out how to be – how to exist. While I’m doing that I’m also traveling to get lost, I writing to get clarity and I singing (in a band) to get a bit of peace. Here is where you can read about my musings, personal opinions and travels. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Ciao for now…